Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's a Process

Living day to day processing the shaping that allows me to become the woman I was meant to become is such a ugly process.  many times I look at the thing I create and all I see is happy, hope filled creations...  This is what I intend to do, but there is a very real messy and dark awareness to my my work.  I intend to make beautiful things out of pain, loss and heartache.  I have questioned my own attentive voice and this seems to be a never ending conversation with my Creator and myself.  It keeps my work real and I am pleased with that! I want to always encourage others to find their own artful voice.  My intention for this blog is to do just that.  


Vicki Miller said...

I agree with you that creating takes you into dark places sometimes. I love your penguin.

A Hopeful Hollar Knits said...

Thank you! That seams to be a theme that blesses me every time I try something new! :-). Always a beginner!